hitech car 2The proliferation of computers and electronic equipment presents a major long-term threat to conventional waste disposal systems.

At Hi-Tech Recycling we make it our business to enable the reuse, recycling and disposal of electronic components in an environmentally friendly way.

The recycling and reuse of computers and a multitude of other electronic equipment is important for the environment. The ever growing reliance on electronic equipment along with rapid advances in technology are accelerating the rate of obsolescence and creating significant disposal challenges. You can read more about this growing threat to the environment on our news page.

Environmentally friendly solutions is where Hi Tech Recycling steps in. As an experienced E-Waste recycler, whenever possible, we ensure that reusable computer equipment finds its way to a new home. What cannot be reused, is disassembled and recycled, at our facility, all the time ensuring that the components are used or disposed of in a way that is productive and safe for the environment.

We will come and pick up your surplus equipment or you can deliver it to our loading dock. At the customer’s request, we will provide a “Certificate of Destruction / Recycling” for specific items.

Hi-Tech Recycling offers a complete asset management program and brokering services for second tier, end-of-lease and working equipment.

Hi-Tech’s Global connections will insure maximum returns on your investment.

We will collect and process the following equipment:

  • Personal computers (including keyboard, mouse and wiring)

  • Monitors (CRT, LCD)

  • Mini computers and components

  • Mainframe computers and components

  • Printers, scanners, drives and modems

  • Motor control centres

  • Navigation and control equipment

  • Telecommunications equipment (switchgear, switches and relays)

  • Instruments and controls (electronic thermostats, recorders, meters etc.)

  • Electronic relays and contacts

  • Telephones (mobile/cellular and “hardware”)

  • Electronic pagers

  • Fax Machines

  • Electronic medical equipment (diagnostic & monitoring)

  • Printers / Plotter equipment

  • Electronic calculators

  • Radio and stereo equipment

  • Electronic cash registers

  • Electronic games and video games consoles

  • Digital cameras

  • Automobile computer modules

  • Routers and Hubs

  • ALL Types of Cable Wire

  • Networking Hardware

  • Printed Circuit Boards