Let us destroy your past

Your company is liable for the vital information and environmental impact your equipment may cause if it has not been properly handled. What if your vital information gets into the wrong hands or ends up in a landfill?

Hi Tech Recycling has the solution.

Our destruction process meets or exceeds all Federal, Provincial & Local Requirements

- 100% Auditable and Certified Destruction
- Environmentally friendly handling of electronic waste (100% recyclable)
- Complete computer and electronic destruction
- Total information elimination

Hi Tech Recycling provides secure data destruction services for hard drives and electronic storage devices to businesses, organizations across Canada

Hard Drive Degaussing

When data needs to be erased quick and inexpensively, without destroying the physical media such as shredding, the degaussing process may be appropriate.

Hi Tech Recycling has the equipment and expertise to meet all Government, Financial, Health Care, and Commercial regulations, mandates and security guidelines.

Hard Drive and Media Shredding 

Physical hard drive destruction is the best solution for discarding unwanted hard drives, tape drives, discs. Hi Tech provides both on-site and off-site hard drive destruction services. If your company policy requires that all sensitive information must be destroyed on site, then let us bring our portable hard drive shredder to your site. One of our technicians will arrive, setup, and shred your hard drives while you witness the entire procedure. It takes approximately 15 seconds to shred a single hard drive. All of our staff have passed a criminal background check and must adhere to the high ethical standards rooted in our company policy

We offer several safe and secure options for your media destruction.

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